Jaime García

(alias el Mordi)

about me

Graphic designer, passionate about illustration.


I am Jaime Garcia a Mexican designer and illustrator.


I have a bachelor's degree in graphic design from La Salle University.


I have certifications in HTML, CSS, UI / UX, and I have 5 years experience in this area.


Drawing is my passion. I've loved to draw since I have consience and I really enjoy expressing myself by this means.


· Love · Travel · Cartoons · Sci Fi · Comics/Manga · Happiness · Nature.


· Hate · Wars · Inequality · Get mad · Intolerance.

"I have lived my life dreaming and I still do not want to wake up"

- el Mordi

My work

This is some of my artwork, hope you like it.

contact me

Drop me a line and I'll get back to you shortly.